Salem Historical Society

Established in 2015 by a small group of local volunteers, the Salem Historical Society is dedicated to sharing Salem’s many histories with both residents of the City of Salem and visitors from around the world. We are not a collecting institution, but we are able to direct donors of historic material to appropriate Salem repositories for material they wish to see preserved.

Presenting Salem's Spirit Through History. 

The Salem Historical Society promotes scholarship and public history to explore and share Salem's rich story with the world.


The Salem Historical Society reveals and shares the boundless history of Salem, collaborating with community partners to reach and educate a broad audience.

The Salem Historical Society initiates, develops, executes, and collaborates on projects that advance the history of the City of Salem. These projects are non-political and in no way interfere with other established organizations or city run departments, committees, or councils. SHS is concerned with promoting the untold history of Salem by identifying the countless stories of Salem’s citizens and educating the community about their achievements throughout the city’s history.

An important function of SHS is to be a centralized hub that collects, disseminates, and aids other established cultural and historical institutions. SHS will serve as a community reference tool that connects other organizations through digital media. We strive to collaborate with recognized associations and societies on projects as well as to share information about and within the historical community.

The overall purpose of SHS is to make known and give voice to the men and women throughout the centuries who have contributed to Salem’s history and character by assisting established organizations and developing unknown histories through research, educational tools, and events.

A primary goal of SHS is to engage and motivate audiences of all ages to actively participate in the presentation of Salem’s history, knowing that “reflection on the past is essential to a reputable, beneficial, and satisfactory guidance of conduct in the future.” (Joseph B. Felt)


Salem, Massachusetts - Founded in 1626  

Divitis Indiae usque ad ultimum sinum
“To the farthest reaches of the East” - Salem City Motto